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2017 Wrath Ex Dolio Falanghina
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2017 Wrath Ex Dolio Falanghina

Bright acidity is balanced with floral notes and apricot flavors.

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The 2017 Ex Dolio Falanghina comes from the two rows of this ancient Campanian grape planted on our estate vineyard. It is fermented on the skins in the dolium (the modern version of an ancient clay fermenting vessel) until dry.  Then racked off and placed back into the dolium for 6 months of aging.  It is left naturally unfiltered and unfined before bottling.  The resulting wine possess very bright, racy acidity that is beautifully balanced with lush fruit flavors and a pronounced bouquet of ripe apricot.  

Wine Profile
90pts/ Editor's Choice Wine Enthusiast
Production Notes
Our Ex Dolio Falanghina is a wine with one foot planted in ancient Roman winemaking traditions (fermented and aged in a dolio, not filtered or fined) and one foot in modern methods (modern viticulture and winemaking control measurements to ensure stability). For those who are unsure about drinking a naturally unfiltered wine, we suggest standing the bottle upright in a cooler or refrigerator for a day or two, just as one would handle a vintage Port. Most of the particulate matter will settle at the bottom of the bottle, although there is no issue with consuming it along with the wine.
72 cases produced