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2023 Wrath Saignée Pinot Noir (Rosé)
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Pinot Noir
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2023 Wrath Saignée Pinot Noir (Rosé)

The perfect aperitif wine; pink grapefruit and rhubarb flavors lead to a crisp, dry finish that is refreshing and delicious.

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Saignée (Sahn-yay) is French for "bleed" and this wine is so named because it is produced with a French method that has been used for hundred of years.  Grape clusters are placed in bins and allowed to sit on the skins to draw out more complex flavors.  As specific gravity takes effect, the lighter juices rise to the top and are drawn off to leave the heavier, more concentrated liquids to be used in producing our Pinot Noirs.  We capture (or "bleed") the lighter juice and use it for our Rosé so it is authentically Pinot Noir in its freshest form.  Case availability stays limited because it is tied what is available from production of our Pinot Noirs.

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Certified Sustainable
336 cases