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Gift Card

Gift Card

Want to give someone a special treat?  Our Gift Card is a perfect answer.  No sizes or personal preferences to worry about; everyone can choose what makes them happy.  

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Prices ranging from $25 - $250, in $25 increments.  When purchased, an automatic email is immediately sent to the receiver with a gift code to use on our website.  This code can be used for all gift costs, including shipping and taxes.  The message they receive will be addressed to the name entered in New Shipping Address.  Even though the system requires a delivery address, there is nothing to ship.  PLEASE do not enter an address into the delivery section (we know it's confusing but delivery addresses are only needed when ordering wine ).

If you wish to have the gift information arrive on a specific day (not immediately sent), when you click on New Shipping Address, enter your gift receiver's name but not their email; instead enter your email in the Shipping Information.  The Announcement email will be sent to your Inbox and you can forward the Announcement email on the desired date or print it and tuck inside a card. 

You can add a special message for either immediate delivery or the delayed-date message by entering your comments in the Gift Message box during check-out.

This gift card does not have an expiration date.